Croydon Computer Fair closes down as of August 2016

British Computer fairs forced to cancel future events at Croydon - A great loss to the future of UK Computer Fairs... 


BCF Closes Down

After many months of speculation, a recent announcement on the Croydon Computer Fair website sadly confirms suspicions that the Croydon event is now indefinitely closed with immediate effect, as the event organiser has ceased trading as of this August 2016.

"It is with  regret that British Computer Fairs has decided to cease trading and there will no more computer fairs at Oasis Academy in Croydon.

The reason is that company which looks after the Croydon venue, have decided that they do not plan to open on Sundays beyond the end of this year.

It had been hoped that a local organiser might want to take over the fair and manage an orderly move to another venue but it wasn't possible to reach any agreements.

BCF Events Ltd wish to thank all those loyal customers who have supported the fair over so many years."

Premier Computer Fairs would like to thank the organiser, Mr Paul Driver for his contribution to UK Computer Fairs over the last 20 years. Which no doubt, the event would not have been brought to so many people without his continued efforts.